There are a lot of coworking spaces out there, but none of them were a good fit [for me].

Maybe I'm crazy, but one of the things I'm looking for in a coworking space is a space I can work in. I don't need a gym, a coffe bar, a lounge, a beer fridge, wellness instructors or yoga at lunch. What I would really like is a parking spot, even if it's just on-street. Everywhere I've looked, even if a spot is available, they cost $,$$$/yr! I was also seriously concerned because I appear to be the only one who hates working in the core.



Name Description Price
Desk It's a desk $200/mo
Medium Private Office Approximately 100sqft Not yet available
Large Office Approximately 200sqft Not yet available
Daily Drop-In (Small) 1 desk $25/day
Daily Drop In (Medium) Medium Private Office $75/day


The thing about cooperatives is that the members need to be well matched to the group. Right now I'm working to find the first few founding members. I know that these people are ultimately responsible for shaping the culture and the entire future of this thing. Once I find them, or more to the point, as I find them - my direct influence wanes - as it should and I welcome that.

Yes, that means there is an interview process to become a founding member. I will review every entrepreneur, freelancer, solopreneur, and employee requesting membership and ask how they might be a good fit. What do they bring to the coop besides matching checkboxes on a list of requirements in a coworking space?

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New Dot Spot

New Dot Spot was founded by Michael Borthwick in 2010. They are a small group of devs building web and mobile apps.

Desk Available

Contact us to apply.

Desk Available

Contact us to apply.

Desk Available

Contact us to apply.

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